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Going live now, please feel free to use...

Unlimited free advertising of cultural heritage jobs, tender opportunities such as evaluations,

internships, volunteer roles including trustees,

training courses and associated research.

Heritage Compass jobs is a supportive free service specifically for cultural heritage organisations, provided by heritage management consultant Ari Volanakis MA. 

This service aims to provide a quality job searching function, benefiting by a jobs posting facility available for free or a small voluntary contribution towards the costs and improvements.

Unlimited advertising of cultural heritage jobs,tender opportunities such as evaluations, internships, volunteer roles including trustees, training courses and associated research, is free. No payment details are needed, just register your organisation and choose the free option, then post your jobs in minutes.

At any point you may want to choose to make the voluntary contribution of £40 a year towards costs and continued upgrades to the service.


The service:

Heritage Compass Jobs is becoming the one-stop platform for promoting cultural heritage jobs, internships, volunteer posts, training courses and research. It joins the battle against sector fragmentation and high costs for cultural heritage recruitment. The initial small trial job posting has experienced thousands of views per week, before even any of the upcoming social media drive or official launch. This strengthens the case for the need of such a service and its extensive usefulness towards sustainable cultural heritage operations.


How to post your posts and training? See the quick guide in the Resources.

From  24th May 2021, Jobs also feature on Facebook and Twitter.

Job seekers can search for roles and opportunities, save jobs they are interested in and set up job alerts. The Resources section contains invaluable career and professional development links and information, and is regularly updated.

Employers can post their vacancies and courses in minutes. Employers can log in to add, update and monitor their posted job vacancies and opportunities.

The free and voluntary contribution packages are shown in the posting plan page of the heritagecompassjobs.com website. 

The functions will continually improve and more applications and resources will be added over time. If you have any suggestions or requests for improving this site and the service, please contact me on arivolanakis.heritage@gmail.com or info@heritagecompassjobs.com .

Please note that the Import multiple jobs function is not live yet. Additional functions of the system such as job seeker profile and employer's C.V. search functions are not currently utilised as the service aims to focus on the key objective of providing a free/ low cost, sustainable, easy to use jobs searching and posting facility. Additional functions will be reviewed in the future based on user continued feedback. There are no hidden costs and the site is kept decluttered from advertising. 


The provider:

Ari Volanakis is a heritage management professional, specialising in resilience projects, sustainable operational management, business and master planning. arivolanakis.heritage@gmail.com 

'Culture is termed both as a) the 'implied cultivation and a sense of growth' with its suggestion of '... a degree of sophistication and refinement' (Pounds, 1994, p.1) and b) the organisational [corporate] culture within cultural heritage organisations (Schein, 1985, pp 1-9).

Heritage encompasses everything that surrounds us; an unfolding story of function and beauty. It takes a time-affected physical form, built and natural, embellished with an intangible body of cultural traditions (UNESCO 2020). Its significance depends on our understanding of our environment and of our past, and is influenced by the levels of available information, the viewpoint of the communicator and the human needs (Beck and Wallendorf, 1994; Black, 2005).

Cultural heritage, based on the above descriptions, is the incubator for inspiring engagement through our inherited, present and future world, and of custodian attitudes towards it.'

Ari Volanakis MA