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Fair Museum Jobs
Highlighting good and bad practice in museum jobs and recruitment
Ethical and inclusive recruitment
Ethical and inclusive recruitment: Show the salary
Quick Guide: How to post a job
How to post a job on Heritage Compass Jobs
Museum Development resources
London Museum Development: Training museums during Covid-19
Theatre Management Books
Theatre management and directing essential reading
How to get a job in a museum or art gallery, by Alison Bacerstock
A review and link to an invaluable book on 'how to get a job in a museum or art gallery.
Careers links; jobs A to Z, job advice and descriptions
Careers links to Job descriptions A to Z, and specific cultural heritage job descriptions and advice.
Professional skills development: put your mind to it
An extensive range of professional skills development articles through MindTools.
Invaluable Cultural Heritage resources from top Universities
The following links will take you to invaluable cultural heritage resources from top Universities.