Quick Guide: How to post a job

By: Ari Volanakis

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  • A job
  • A volunteer, trustee role
  • A work placement
  • An internship
  • An apprenticeship
  • A training course
  • A professional membership or associateship


Registered? Go to Step 3

Not registered yet? Go to Step 1

Step 1: Register. Estimated time 5 minutes.

Go to Heritage Compass Jobs https://heritagecompassjobs.com/

Select Register at the top right of the screen.

Fill in the one-page Employer form:

You’ll need your name, email address and to add a password. Add your company’s name and address.

You need to upload your company logo (or an associated image) and you can add your website address link.

Click on the Captcha to confirm you are not a robot.

Check terms and conditions, and privacy and cookies information.

Click on Sign Up.

If any information was incomplete you’ll get a message about the missing information. You’ll have to enter the password again, as well as the missing information to complete the page.

The completed Sign Up will take you to the confirmation page. This lists the user name (email address) and password you entered. Click on Next. This will take you to the dashboard. If the page does not load fully, click on the back arrow (top left) to go to the main screen.

You will receive a registration email in the email address you provided.

Step 2: Choose your free or voluntary contribution subscription. Estimated time 1-3 minutes.

From the Employer tab at the top of the main page click the down arrow and choose Log in. Use your user name (email address) and password to log in.

At the top right of the Employer dashboard, click on the Rate Card, this will take you to the packages page. Tick the free plan, or the voluntary contribution (£40 a year, secure payment by card).

You are ready to post jobs, volunteer roles, internships, apprenticeships, training courses, memberships and associateships.

Step 3: Post. Estimated time 5-10 minutes

Log in if you are not logged in already, this takes you to your Dashboard page.  At the top right of the page click on Post a job

Posting a job is a one-page form.

Fill in the following information:

Job Title

Job Reference            Optional

Country         This is defaulted to UK, you can choose from the drop down list.

County           Using the dropdown list you can choose from home working, national, or each of the UK counties; these are listed by each of the 4 UK nations alphabetically.

Location        Optional. You can add a location manually. Map search is not currently available.

Salary            This can only be numbers, e.g. 26000. No currency symbols, commas. You cannot currently add pro rata or hourly rates in this box, please include such information in the job summary or job description.

Job Skills       Optional. Manually add a list of relevant jobs skills. Separate by commas to enable the job search by skills.

Job Category               You can choose as many categories as you need, by holding down SHIFT and clicking on the additional categories.

                          The categories include two lists:


a) main cultural heritage categories

- Academic, research

- Archaeological sites and Monuments

- Archives and Libraries

- Arts and Galleries

- Charities, Volunteering

- Museums and Historic Houses

- Nature, Parks, Gardens, Zoos

- Tourism, Leisure, Sport


b) Categories based on cultural heriatge balanced scorecard operational areas. These 16 categories are grouped in Audience Development, People Development, Sustainable Operations, and Sustainable Conservation.

Audience Development: Learning

Audience Development: Marketing and Communications

Audience Development: Programming, Events

Audience Development: Visitor Services, Interpretation and Access


People Development: Human Resources

People Development: Partners

People Development: Staff Management

People Development: Supporters, including Volunteers


Sustainable Conservation: Collections

Sustainable Conservation: Environmental Sustainability

Sustainable Conservation: Grounds and Building Care

Sustainable Conservation: Historic Environment and Archaeology


Sustainable Operations: Fundraising, Commercial, and Accounting

Sustainable Operations: Operations Management, Operational Risk, I.T.

Sustainable Operations: Standards and Performance

Sustainable Operations: Strategy, Development Projects, Consultancy


Job Summary            Must be filled in


Job Description         Must be filled in. You can use Control and V to paste text into this section (also Control and C to Copy text from it)


Apply online              Click in this box to enter your link to your job posting in your website.

If not used, job applications will come to you on your email address that you used for your heritage compass jobs account (user name).


Contract type             There are two main categories in this: a) type of job contract (fixed/ temporary, full time/ part time, freelance) and b) other roles and opportunities (volunteer/ trustee, internship, apprenticeship, training course, membership/ associateship). 



Fixed period Contract


Full-time permanent

Full-time temporary


Part-time permanent

Part-time temporary

Professional membership/ associationship

Training course

Volunteer, Trustee


Experience required         Using the drop down arrow, choose from: Any experience, <1 year, 1-3 years, 3- 6 years, 6-10 years, 10 years >.


Posting Closing Date        Choose the date the post closes. There is no facility currently to add specific time; end (midnight) of the chosen date is at the moment presumed, unless you clearly specify otherwise in the job summary or job description boxes.


Vacancy will be added     The vacancy will go live as soon as you complete the posting, or you can set a ‘go live’ date in this section.


Job auto renew                 You can set this to None (default setting), or change it (during posting or any time before the job expires) to 3, 7, 14 or 28 days.

Click on PREVIEW

Confirm if happy with all the information in the preview page, or press back to make changes.


Job done


You can view, change, 'hide' and make 'live' again the job posting at any time, through your dashboard: Click on Active Jobs. This page will also show how many views and clicks you have had per live posting.


You can also access, edit and reuse expired jobs, using the Expired Jobs link in your dashboard.


Please not that the Import multiple jobs function is not live yet.